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KLM System Rx Orthotic Style Arch Supports
Proudly Made in the USA

KLM’s System Rx is a uniquely designed, semi rigid, over-the-counter, orthotic style arch support. System Rx Orthotics are constructed from 4mm thick polypropylene plastic but what really differentiates this brand from almost every other over-the-counter orthotic style arch support is that the System Rx shells are available in multiple arch heights and multiple widths. This single brand of orthotic style arch supports can provide corrective support to a wider range of foot types and foot shapes than any other single brand can do.

System Rx Orthotics have one of the deepest heel cups of any orthotic style arch support available. This is an important feature because the deepened (and rounded) heel cup cradles the heel and adds rear foot support, thus increasing the arch support’s ability to control over pronation and support the entire foot (and not just the arch). System Rx Orthotics truly help the foot to operate in its most optimal manner.
High Arch 1 & 1/8 Inches

Medium Arch 1 Inch

Low Arch 7/8ths of an Inch

Plastic orthotic style arch supports costing upwards of $200.00 or more don't offer any more support than these KLM System Rx orthotic style arch supports.

System Rx Orthotics were developed by KLM Labs, a leading manufacturer of custom made foot orthotics. They were designed by studying the plaster casts of the many custom made orthotics they have produced for doctors and patients. KLM Labs studied the relationship between the neutral casts taken by podiatrists and the corrected orthotics produced for their patients. This data was then fed into a computer and was used to design a series of over-the-counter orthotics which can accommodate the needs of up to 70% of individuals needing functional foot orthotics. System Rx Orthotics are an effective solution for people seeking serious foot care management at an affordable price.
These arch supports are designed for three different arch types - Low, Medium & High.
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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Available Heights Within Widths
L = Low
M = Medium
H = High

W5 - 6.5
L, M
L, M, H
L, M, H
W7 - 8.5 ~ M6 - 7.5
L, M, H
L, M, H
L, M, H
W9 - 10.5 ~ M7 - 8.5
L, M, H
L, M, H
L, M, H
M9 - 10.5 ~ W11 - 12.5
L, M, H
L, M, H
L, M, H
M11 - 12.5
L, M, H
L, M, H
L, M, H
M13 - 14.5
L, M, H
L, M, H

KLM Orthotic Style Arch Supports $49.95
Proudly Made in the USA

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First Class
1 Pair
$5.90 to $7.30
Varies Based on Destination
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$6.10 to $11.70
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Cushion Covering Options for the System Rx Orthotic Style Arch Supports

Option 1 - $ 7.95 - Feet Relief Flat Cushion Insole - Proudly Made in the USA
Order with your arch supports from the menu on this page.
These are recomended for the KLM in the medium or wide width

The Feet Relief flat cushion insole. This is a 1/8th inch thick layer of a unique foam material called enlighten-u®. Enlighten-u® is an open cell microcellular polyurethane foam. The open cell design of this foam means that each tiny bubble chamber is interconnected to the bubbles around it. This allows for an effective transfer of air and perspiration away from the foot and results in a cool and dry shoe environment. Also, enlighten-u® has excellent tensile strength and resistance to compression so the insoles are extremely durable. Feet Relief flat cushion insoles are treated with an anti microbial additive to protect against order-causing bacteria and keep your shoes smelling fresh.

To View the Feet Relief Flat Cushion Insole - Click Here -

Option 2 - $8.39 - Spenco Flat Cushion Cover
Order with your arch supports from the menu on this page.

These are recomended for the KLM in the narrow width

The Spenco® Flat Cushion Insole - This is the classic green insole that Spenco® has been producing for years. It features a layer of closed cell nitrogen injected (black) foam that is non-porous and really withstands compression. The foam is covered with a green 4-way stretch nylon that helps reduce friction and heat build up that cause blisters, corns and calluses. The closed cell design of the Spenco® insole means it's not porous so it won't absorb odor causing bacteria. The Spenco® insole doesn't breathe the same way the Feet Relief insole does but it is very comfortable and has soft, bouncy feel to it.

To View the Spenco Flat Cushion Insole - Click Here -

Additional Information about System Rx Orthotic Style Arch Supports

Even though System Rx orthotic style arch supports are considered semi rigid by comparison to truly rigid custom made plastic orthotics they are still considerably more rigid than most other over the counter arch supports and orthotics. Most people will not be able to bend or flex the System Rx arch supports more than a few millimeters using only their bare hands. The System Rx orthotic style arch supports are designed to flex but only under the full weight of the body weight. This is why they work so well.
Break In Period
Due to the semi rigid nature of these arch supports some people will find that they take a little getting used to and may at first feel a little unusual or even a little uncomfortable. A little cramping in various muscles of the foot or lower ankle when the arch supports are new and you have been wearing them for a while, is normal and should go away in anywhere from a couple days to a couple of weeks. If this happens just take the arch supports off let the feet rest and try them again later. The length of time of the break in period largely depends on how flat the feet are or how much the arch has fallen. The more the arch has fallen the more the arch support lifts the bones of the arch and lower ankle, shifting their positions and limiting their range of motion. In the case of a person with a medium to high arch that has fallen and is now completely flat the amount of repositioning of the bones of the foot can be really dramatic so it can take a little longer for the foot to adjust to the feel of wearing the arch supports.
Treating Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)
The System Rx orthotic style arch supports are extremely effective at treating Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain). To get the best results follow these instructions. After a brief break in period and when it is comfortable to do so, start wearing the arch supports all the time from the first step out of bed in the morning to the last step into bed at night. This will keep the arch from being fully flexed and take the strain of the Plantar Fascia tissue so it can heal. It is really important to avoid going barefoot. Spending even limited amounts of time running around the house barefoot can set back days of healing. It is also important to keep some shoes or slippers by the bed with the arch supports in them. When you get up in the morning or during the night, put on the shoes or slippers with the arch supports in them and avoid going barefoot. Also, if you are the type that likes to shower right when they get up in the morning you should first spend about 15 minutes in your shoes and arch supports before you shower. This allows the Plantar Fascia tissue to warm up and stretch out slowly and gently with out retearing it. After several weeks as the symptoms subside you can ease off the strict regiment of not going barefoot and just wear the arch supports during the day or generally whenever you’re on your feet.