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Lynco Brand Name
L625 Lynco Insoles
A Soft Foam Arch Support with a
Posted Heel Wedge
& Metatarsal Arch
Thin Fit for Casual Shoes

On Sale Now! $41.95 per pair

The L625 Lynco Biomechanical Orthotic arch support looks like a cushion insole but is actually an arch support. L625 arch supports have all the elements of the L620 Lynco Insoles (including a posted heel wedge to enhance support to the arch) but also have an added metatarsal arch to enhance support to the ball of the foot. This is particularly useful in treating problems with the forefoot and toes. Also, like the L600 the L625 have a thinner fit for casual and low volume athletic shoes.
The Lynco L625 orthotic arch supports are called the Casual Series and they are thinner than the Sport Series (such as the L425). Many casual shoes have removable insoles but they are much thinner than the removable insoles found in athletic shoes. The Lynco L625 arch supports are designed to fit into casual shoes with thin removable insole (however they can also be used in low volume athletic shoes that can’t accommodate the thicker Sport Series models such as the Lynco L425).The Lynco L625 insoles have two additional features that add support. One is a bump at the ball of the foot called a metatarsal bump (or metatarsal arch) which gives additional support to the forefoot by lifting and spreading the metatarsal bones. This is particularly useful for treating problems in ball of the foot such as Metatarsalgia or Neuromas. The other additional feature is a posted medial heel wedge which is a very unique feature of this arch support and is discussed in detail below.

lynco l625 one face up showing metatarsal bump and one face down showing posted heel

Lynco L625 arch supports Insoles are suitable for almost any arch height from low to high. However, people with naturally low arches may need to take a few days to get used to the feel of the arch supports and become fully comfortable with them. Most people with medium to high arches will find the Lynco L625 arch supports immediately comfortable and supportive. Lynco L625 arch supports are ideal for people that need considerable support but have tried hard plastic arch supports and found them to be too uncomfortable to wear. The triple layer design of the L625 (discussed below) creates an extremely supportive foot bed that is relatively easy to get used to but the added metatarsal arch support and posted heel can, in themselves, take a little getting used to so even if you need the additional support, be aware that it may feel a little unusual at first.
Multiple Layer Design For Support and Comfort

The design of the Lynco L625 orthotic arch supports incorporates a semi rigid cork/rubber core for stability and support. The arch support core is covered with a layer of cushioning foam and the whole insole is covered on the top and bottom with two distinct and durable protective liners
These arch supports are designed for people with Medium & High Arches
good for medium to high arches
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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The Top Layer
The top layer of the Lynco L625 orthotic arch supports is a cushion material called Velluxia. Velluxia is an open celled foam impregnated with activated charcoal. Velluxia is a breathable foam so air flows through it and the activated charcoal absorbs sweat and eliminates odors. The Velluxia is covered on the top with a synthetic microfiber that is treated with an antibacterial, antifungal finish. This top cover also helps to reduce odor and promote proper foot hygiene.
The Middle Layer
The middle layer (not visible) is a contoured Pedic™ arch core. This arch support core consists of ground cork mixed with a binder and pressed into the arch support shape. The Pedic core is the main feature that gives Lynco arch supports their long lasting, high level of support. The arch support core runs from the heel to the ball of the foot and is contoured to support the medial, lateral and metatrsal arch. The arch core is firm but retains a certain level of flexibility that plastics cannot. This makes L625 Lynco arch support insoles more immediately comfortable then most hard plastic arch supports and orthotics.

Lynco L625 side view showing the high arch and the metatarsal arch
The Bottom Layer
The bottom of the L625 lacks the additional cushion layer found in the Sport Series so it has a little less cushioning but this was necessary to facilitate a thinner fit. Instead of the Plastazote® cushion layer (found on the bottom of Sport Series models such as the L425) the L625 is lined with a layer of genuine suede leather. It extremely durable and because of its thickness (or rather its thinness) it is the reason the L625 fits so much better into casual shoes (or low volume athletic shoes).

The Posted Heel Wedge
Lynco L625 rear view showing the 4 degree posted heel A posted heel wedge means that the inside (medial side) of the heel is higher than the outside (lateral side). The idea behind this addition is that if the heel bone (Calcaneus) is resting on a sloped surface it will be less inclined (pun intended) to roll inward than if it was resting on a flat surface. This is a very interesting idea and it does work to provide additional arch support however some people may not be comfortable standing on an angled heel surface even though they are getting more support from the insole. For this reason Feet Relief recommends that if you have never worn an arch support with a posted heel wedge and
unless your doctor specifically recommended this product for you, you may want to consider trying the Lynco L605 model which has a level heel (called a neutral heel) but still has the metatarsal arch support.
L625 Lynco Insoles - Soft Orthotic Arch Supports

On Sale Now! $41.95 per pair
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