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Lynco Brand Name
L420 Lynco Insoles
A Soft Foam Arch Support with a
Posted Heel Wedge

On Sale Now! $41.95 per pair

The L420 Lynco Biomechanical Orthotic arch support looks like a cushion insole but is actually an arch support. L420 arch supports have all the elements of the L400 Lynco Insoles but adds a posted heel wedge to enhance support to the arch.

Lynco L420 arch support insoles are suitable for almost any arch height from low to high. However, people with naturally low arches may need to take a few days to get used to the feel of the arch supports and become fully comfortable with them. Most people with medium to high arches will find the Lynco insoless immediately comfortable and supportive.

Lynco Insoles are ideal for people that need considerable arch support but have tried hard plastic arch supports and found them to be too uncomfortable to wear. Their triple layer design (discussed below) creates an extremely supportive foot bed that is amazingly comfortable and easy to get used to.

Triple Layer Design For Support and Comfort

The design of the Lynco orthotic arch supports incorporates a semi rigid rubber core for stability and support, surrounded by two distinctive layers of cushioning foam for unparalleled comfort
These arch supports are designed for people with Medium & High Arches
good for medium to high arches
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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The Bottom Layer
The red bottom layer of foam on the L420 Lynco arch support Insole is called Plastazote® foam and it is a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. Plastazote® foam is made by a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process that results in a superior polyethylene foam than other polyethylene foam making technologies. This process creates an inert foam, free from chemical residues and with a more uniform and regular cell structure than other foams. The uniform and regular cell structure means that the foam is particularly strong and durable. Apex uses this foam on the Lynco arch supports because it not only provides superior comfort and cushioning but once the foam is molded (during manufacturing) into the curved, arch support shape (pictured above) the foam actually has enough internal strength to add additional support to the arch support thereby improving its over all function.

The Middle Layer (Not Visible In Picture)
The middle layer (not visible) is a contoured Pedic™ rubber core. The rubber core is the main feature that gives Lynco arch supports their long lasting and high level of support. The rubber core runs from the heel to the ball of the foot and is contoured to support the medial and lateral arch. The rubber itself is firm but retains a certain level of flexibility that plastics cannot. This makes L420 Lynco arch support insoles more immediately comfortable then most hard plastic arch supports and orthotics. Once the rubber core is joined to the contoured bottom layer of Plastazote® the two pieces enhance each other’s strength and dramatically increase the overall support and comfort of the arch supports.

The Top Layer
The very top layer on the L420 Lynco arch support Insole is a blue polyester cover but right under that is the main top cushion layer. It can be seen as a strip of black in between the red and the blue layer. This top cushion layer is a 1/8-inch thick layer of an open cell polyurethane foam that is particularly soft and bouncy. Its purpose is to add additional shock absorbing ability and to make the arch supports softer and more comfortable. The top blue polyester cloth layer is very smooth and provides a cool, friction free surface against the foot.

The Posted Heel Wedge
A posted heel wedge means that the inside (medial side) of the heel is higher than the outside (lateral side). The idea behind this addition is that if the heel bone (Calcaneus) is resting on a sloped surface it will be less inclined (pun intended) to roll inward than if it was resting on a flat surface. This is a very interesting idea and it does work to provide additional arch support however some people may not be comfortable standing on an angled heel surface even though they are getting more support from the insole. For this reason Feet Relief recommend that if you have never worn an arch support with a posted heel wedge and
unless your doctor specifically recommended this product for you, you may want to consider trying the Lynco L400 model which has a level heel (called a neutral heel).

L420 Lynco Insoles - Soft Orthotic Arch Supports
Now Available in Youth & Children's Sizes
Child's 8 through Youth 6

On Sale Now! $41.95 per pair

Sizes that are not listed below are
No Longer Available

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