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Lynco Brand Name
L300 Lynco Orthotic Arch Supports
For Children

Soft Foam Arch Supports with a
Firm Rubber Core and a Flat (Neutral) Heel

Discontinued Item
On Sale Now for $29.95
Limited Sizes Available
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by a new and very similar item called the Lynco L500 arch supports for children.

Lynco L300 orthotic arch supports are ideal for children that need considerable support but have tried hard plastic arch supports and found them to be too uncomfortable to wear. Children's Lynco arch supports are a great alternative to hard plastic orthotic style arch supports. These children's arch supports are constructed around a triple layer design that encapsulates a firm rubber core in between two distinct layers of foam.
These arch supports are
designed for Children with
Medium & High Arches
good for medium to high arches
To learn about determining
Natural Arch Height

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The rubber core gives this arch support its strength. It is contoured with a medium to high arch and provides the foot with a significant level of support. The blue bottom layer of foam on the children's Lynco arch support is called Plastazote® foam. It is a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam that is firm and resilient and adds cushion and body to the over all arch support. The top cushion cover is a 1/8-inch thick layer of an open cell polyurethane foam that is particularly soft and bouncy. This layer adds cushion and makes the arch supports softer and more comfortable. Even though these children's arch supports are constructed from relatively soft materials they still have a significant arch and provide a good deal of support. Some children may still need to take a little time getting used to these arch supports but by and large that break in period would be shorter then it would be with hard plastic arch supports. A short adjustment period for most quality arch supports is normal and is just a sign that the arch supports are adjusting and correcting the position and function of the bones and muscles in the foot.

This item has been Discontinued
The L300 Lynco® Orthotic Arch Supports
For Children Was $34.95
Now Only $29.95
List Price $44.95
Our Price $29.95
You Save $15.00

Which Size Arch Supports Are Best For My Child?
Lynco's Childrens Orthotic arch supports come in two main size groups, Children's Sizes and Youth Sizes. The Children's size arch supports are smaller then Youth sizes and run in whole sizes from a child’s size 8 - 8½ through a child’s size 13 - 13½ (see the dropdown "Size" menu below). The Youth size arch supports are larger then the Children's sizes and run in whole sizes from Youth size 1 - 1½ through 6 - 6½.
These arch supports run "true to size" so you should order the same size arch support as your child's current shoe size.
Remaining Sizes
Subject To Change Without Notice
Sizes that are not listed or are listed N/A are not available!

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