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Pedag's Bambini Arch Support For Kids

Pedag's Bambini Arch supports for Kids are soft rubber arch supports with a smooth leather top cover. The Bambini arch supports for kids are not as high or as hard as the other children's arch supports on this website but they support the feet very comfortably and take almost no time breaking in or get used to. Also, they are officially accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.
The Bambini arch support's main support feature is a ¾ length, semi firm rubber insole that is lightly contoured to support the heel and arch. The rubber arch support has a non-slip pattern cast into the bottom so it won't slide around inside shoes. Also, like all Pedag™ arch supports the Bambini arch supports for children have an adhesive stick pad under the heel to help hold them in place (if needed). Finally, Bambini arch supports are covered with a genuine leather top cover, which has a smooth and natural feel.

These arch supports are designed for children with Medium to Low Arches
To learn about determining Natural Arch Height
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Pedag's Bambini Arch Supports For Kids - $18.35 Per Pair

Which Size Arch Supports Are Best For My Child?
The Children's Bambini arch supports come in two main size groups, Children's Sizes and Youth Sizes. The Children's size arch supports are smaller then Youth sizes and run from a child's size 6-7 through a child's size 12 - 13 (see the dropdown "Size" menu below). The Youth size arch supports are larger then the Children’s sizes and come in two sizes, a 2 - 3 and a 4 - 5. If your child has feet that are larger then a men's size 5, no matter what his/her ages is, he/she will not fit into Child or Youth size arch support and should be fit with adult sizes Pedag Viva Mini Arch Supports.
Pedag's Bambini arch supports are actually sized in European metric sizes and the American numeric sizes are just a rough translation. As a result the American sizes run a little on the large size so if your child is in between sizes you should err towards the smaller size. Specifically, if your child has a size child size 13 ½ - 1 then the size 12 - 13 would be better but if your child has a size 1 ½ - 2 then the 2 - 3 would be best.

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If you purchase 1, 2 or 3 pair of Bambini® Arch Supports for Kids then you can choose between First Class Mail (5 to 8 days) or Priority Mail (3 to 5 days). For 4 or more pair, please select Priority Mail as they are too heavy to send via First Class Mail. For detailed ordering instructions click the button below.

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First Class
1 Pair
$5.90 to $7.30
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2 Pair
$5.90 to $7.30
Varies Based on Destination
3 Pair
Not Available
$5.90 to $7.30
Varies Based on Destination
4 - 6 Pair
Not Available
$6.10 to $11.70
Varies Based on Destination
7 Pair
& Up
Not Available
$6.85 to $15.65& Up
Varies Based on Destination
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