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All Cushion Insoles
Cushion Insoles are designed to feel soft and provide enhanced shock absorption to the feet and legs. They are useful for high impact activities such as basketball or running but they are also good for people that stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time and/or wear hard soled shoes like work boots. Some cushion insoles are completely flat but most have some degree of contouring. Flat cushion insoles are functionally versatile and can be used in combination with other insoles and can be used to cover arch supports. Contoured cushion insoles tend to be thicker and are not really designed to be used in conjunction with other insoles or arch supports. Contoured cushion insoles work best in shoes with removable insoles but they can fit into shoes with out removable insoles (such as work boots) if there is a little extra room and the fit is not too tight.

padifix 100% silicon gel cushion insole - the softest gel cushion you'll ever put on your feet
four seasons contoured cushion replacement insoles $9.95 per pair
feetrelief's flat cushion insole great by it self or as a cover for hard plastic orthotics

Pedifix GelStep 100% Medical Grade Silicone Gel Insoles with the included nylon cloth top cover
Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer
four seasons cushion replacement insoles picture of bottom and top
Sof Sole Stability Performance Insole
Sof Sole Athlete Performance Insole pair
Sof Sole New Arch Performance insole pair

feetrelief flat cushion insole Spenco Flat Cushion Insoles Spenco Arch Cushions Spenco Iron Man Spenco new and improved gel insole Sof Sole Arch Plus Cushion Insole

Sof Sole Athletes Plus Cushion Insoles sof sole stable trac Spenco Performance Gel Insole
Sof Sole Athletes Plus Insoles   Sof Sole Stable Trac Foot Beds   Spenco® Performance Gel Insole Discontinued

Cushion insoles, even the contoured ones are designed primarily to provide shock absorption and comfort and are not really designed to support the ankle or arch. What differentiates these insoles from the other insoles on this website (many of which look very similar) is the fact that none of these insoles use any hard materials (plastic, rubber or hardened foam) in their construction. As a result they feel soft and flexible and take little to no time to break in or adjust to (the way some of the arch supports can).

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