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Original Flexifly Arch Support

The Original Flexifly arch support is the most popular of all the Flexifly arch supports. This is the model that introduced the Flexifly Support System™ over 25 years ago. It is effective, economical and is recommended by doctors for controlling over-pronation and treating a wide range of injuries and chronic conditions. These unique nonprescription arch supports are molded from a high density, low molecular weight, polypropylene plastic. The polypropylene plastic has a semi rigid consistency which is harder and more supportive then most other over the counter arch supports but softer and more flexible then rigid, custom made orthotics. This gives the arch supports a pronounced feeling of support while preserving the sensation of bounce and flexibility. These are an ideal arch support for people that have a medium to a high arch and want a level of support that is similar to a custom made orthotic. All Flexifly arch supports are priced and sold as pairs.
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These arch supports are designed for people with Medium & High Arches
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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Flexifly arch supports have small grip teeth on the bottom of the heel so they won’t slip or slide around, inside of shoes.

These arch supports support the medial, lateral and metatarsal arch so they are not only good for treating rear foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and Achilles Ttendonitis but they are also good for treating forefoot problems such as metatarsalgia, hammertoes, neuromas and bunions. Many ankle and knee problems are related to fallen arches (over pronation). As the arch falls the two bones of the lower leg (the fibula and the tibia) rotate inward, over the ankle, more then they should. This creates tension in the knee joint which can strain ligaments and tendons and put excessive pressure on the meniscus (cartilage) disks. By dramatically reducing over pronation with a Flexifly Original arch support you can reduce strain on the knee thereby preventing and healing injuries.

Original Model Flexifly Arch Supports $58.95

Some sizes of the Flexifly Arch Supports are on back order and may be out of stock for a lengthy period of time. The sizes we are currently out of stock on are listed below. This list will be updated frequently. If you have any questions about alternative products or would like an update on availability, please call us toll free at:
888 671 8027
Men's 11 - 11.5

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All New!
Cushion Covering Options for the Original Flexifly Arch Supports are Now Available!

Option 1 - $ 6.50 - Feet Relief Flat Cushion Insole - Proudly Made in the USA
Order with your arch supports from the menu on this page.

The Feet Relief flat cushion insole. This is a 1/8th inch thick layer of a unique foam material called enlighten-u®. Enlighten-u® is an open cell microcellular polyurethane foam. The open cell design of this foam means that each tiny bubble chamber is interconnected to the bubbles around it. This allows for an effective transfer of air and perspiration away from the foot and results in a cool and dry shoe environment. Also, enlighten-u® has excellent tensile strength and resistance to compression so the insoles are extremely durable. Feet Relief flat cushion insoles are treated with an anti microbial additive to protect against order-causing bacteria and keep your shoes smelling fresh.

To View the Feet Relief Flat Cushion Insole - Click Here -

Option 2 - $7.39 - Spenco Flat Cushion Cover
Order with your arch supports from the menu on this page.

The Spenco® Flat Cushion Insole - This is the classic green insole that Spenco® has been producing for years. It features a layer of closed cell nitrogen injected (black) foam that is non-porous and really withstands compression. The foam is covered with a green 4-way stretch nylon that helps reduce friction and heat build up that cause blisters, corns and calluses. The closed cell design of the Spenco® insole means it's not porous so it won't absorb odor causing bacteria. The Spenco® insole doesn't breathe the same way the Feet Relief insole does but it is very comfortable and has soft, bouncy feel to it.

To View the Spenco Flat Cushion Insole - Click Here -
About the "Getting Used To" Period
Some people will find that their Original Flexifly arch support may take a little getting used to at first. These arch supports really do resist compressing and flattening out and will make a big difference in the alignment of the bones of the foot. Unfortunately, this can come with a little initial discomfort when the arch supports have been worn for too long. A little cramping in various muscles of the foot or lower ankle when the arch supports are new and you have been wearing them for a while, is normal and should go away in anywhere from a couple days to a couple of weeks. When this happens just take the arch supports off let the feet rest and try them again later.

The length of time of the break in period largely depends on how flat the feet are or how much the arch has fallen. The more the arch has fallen the more the arch support lifts the bones of the arch and lower ankle, shifting their positions and limiting their range of motion. In the case of a person with a medium to high arch that has fallen and is now completely flat the amount of repositioning of the bones of the foot can be really dramatic and it can take a little longer for the foot to adjust to the feel of wearing the arch support.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

The Original Flexifly arch supports are extremely effective at treating Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain). To get the best results follow these instructions. After a brief break in period and when it is comfortable to do so, start wearing the arch supports all the time from the first step out of bed in the morning to the last step into bed at night. This will keep the arch from being fully flexed and take the strain of the Plantar Fascia tissue so it can heal. It is really important to avoid going barefoot. Spending even limited amounts of time running around the house barefoot can set back days of healing. It is also important to keep some shoes or slippers by the bed with the arch supports in them. When you get up in the morning or during the night, put on the shoes or slippers with the arch supports in them and avoid going barefoot. Also, if you are the type that likes to shower right when they get up in the morning you should first spend about 15 minutes in your shoes and arch supports before you shower. This allows the Plantar Fascia tissue to warm up and stretch out slowly and gently with out retearing it. After several weeks as the symptoms subside you can ease of the strict regiment of not going barefoot and just wear the arch supports during the day or generally whenever you’re on your feet.

Flexifly arch supports correct over-pronation which left untreated can lead to:
  • Pronated Flat Feet
  • Sore and Tired Feet
  • Numbness and Tingling
  • Leg Pain and Cramps
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Many Other Foot Conditions and Ailments
  • Corns and Calluses
  • Severe Aching Arches
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Heel Spurs Syndrome
  • Metatarsalgia Syndrome
  • Hammer and Claw Toe Deformity