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Custom Select Series Orthotics

High Density Arch Supports

The High Density Custom Select Orthotic Arch Support has the most rigid arch shell of the three models and is designed for people with medium to high arches. Again, it makes a good step up from the Medium Density for people who have been using the Medium Density Custom Select Orthotic Arch Supports and have decided that they would like to get a little more support out of the orthotic. In the High Density Custom Select Series Orthotics, Aetrex reversed the positioning of the orange and green gel from their positions on the Low Density Orthotic. This is because people with higher arches tend to bear their weight more towards the outside of the foot. The higher density orange gel gives increased cushioning to the outside of the forefoot.
Aetrex custom select series orthotic arch supports High density bottom and top view

All Custom Select Series Orthotics by Aetrex have a thick plug of the soft green gel under the heel. The heel is the part of the foot which receives the most impact. The additional gel plug adds significant cushioning under the heel to maximize shock absorption.

Aetrex Custom Select Series
High Density Orthotic Arch Supports - $28.50

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If you purchase 1 pair of Custom Select Series Orthotic Arch Supports then you can choose between First Class Mail (5 to 8 days) or Priority Mail (3 to 5 days). For 2 or more pair, please select Priority Mail as they are too heavy to send via First Class Mail. For detailed ordering instructions click the button below.
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