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Gel Arch Supports

Gel arch supports are different from the Flexifly line of plastic arch supports. Gel arch supports are more like cushion insoles in that they are primarily focused on providing shock-absorbent cushion. What makes a gel arch support better than other cushion insoles is that most other cushion insoles are flat and have little to no contours. Gel arch supports have moderate contours to help support the medial, lateral and metatarsal arch. Gel arch supports fit into a wide range of shoes and make almost any pair of shoes more comfortable. For A burst of cool soothing relief, try putting your gel arch supports into the freezer and then into your shoes or slippers.


Gel arch supports are great for making a pair of shoes more comfortable but they can also help treat certain cushion related foot problems. If the protective layers of fat that cushion the bottom of the feet break down from wear and tear, problems such as metatarsalgia or ball of the foot pain can develop. These gel arch supports help protect the sensitive areas of the foot with cushioning gel ridges and contoured gel support.
The ridges on the bottom of the gel arch supports act like springs and allow the gel to compress and recoil. With out ridges a gel pad would feel hard and have less bounce. The ridges are placed under the heel and metatarsal bones (ball of foot). These are the areas of your foot that bear the most weight, are prone to injuries and need the most cushioning to protect them. Gel arch supports never flatten out or lose their shape and bounce.

These arch supports are designed for people with Medium to Low Arches
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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Gel arch supports have fleece covers that are soft and smooth and should never chafe or rub. Gel arch supports can be washed with mild soap and water and air dried in a cool bright place out of the way of direct sunlight. Do you have a 5th metatarsal fracture? Gel arch supports can help cushion a healing metatarsal bone. Gel arch supports can also help reduce callous build up on the ball of the foot.

Gel Arch Supports $29.95 Per Pair
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