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Viva Outdoor / Master
Arch Supports

Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) arch supports combine a lightweight polypropylene (plastic) arch support with a full length cushion cover that is made entirely from all natural materials. The Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) arch support uses the same plastic support bridge as the Pedag Holiday Arch Support. It also includes a foam rubber, tear drop shaped metatarsal support (similar to the Pedag Drop) for the ball of the foot. This means that like the Holiday Arch support the Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) Arch Support also supports the medial, lateral and metatarsal arch. Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association

The Top Layer
The top layer of the Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) arch support is a cushion pad that is impregnated with activated charcoal. The cushion pad adds to the comfort of the arch support while the charcoal helps by absorbing orders and keeping the arch supports (and the shoes they are worn in) smelling fresh. The charcoal cushion pad is toped off with a smooth and non scratchy wool top cover for warmth and comfort.

The Middle Layer
The middle of the Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) arch support is Jute Felt. Jute Felt is a cloth made from compressed Jute fiber which is derived from plants. Jute fiber is all natural, bio degradable, recyclable and therefore eco friendly (unlike synthetic top covers found on most arch supports). Jute fiber is very durable and breathable but it also acts as a good insulator so the Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) can be particularly useful in colder climates (like summer time in San Francisco). The Jute felt provides a soft cushiony cover for the plastic arch shell making the Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) one of the most shock absorbing arch supports in the Pedag line.
The Bottom Layer
The bottom layer of the Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) arch support is made from a hypoallergenic latex rubber. Its main purpose is to give body and rigidity to the Jute felt but it also creates a non slip textured bottom to the Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) which insures that the arch support won’t slip or slide in shoes used for winter activities (including shoveling winter snow).
These arch supports are designed for people with
Low to Medium arch height.
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Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) Arch Supports
$17.90 Per Pair

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