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Arch Supports for Children

Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
Pedag Sport arch supports for children combine a lightweight polypropylene (plastic) arch support with a full length cushion cover made entirely from all natural materials. The Pedag Sport arch supports for children use the same plastic support bridge as the Pedag Vitality (the adult version). The only difference between the children’s Sport arch supports and the adult Vitality arch supports is that the children’s version lacks the metatarsal arch bump at the ball of the foot. This is done because metatarsal arch supports are not generally recommended for children unless prescribed by a doctor. Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association

Close up of the Sisal Layer
Close up of the Terry Cloth layer

Unique Double Layer Cushion Cover
The really unique feature of the Pedag Sport arch supports for children is their all natural full length cover. The cover is made up of two distinct layers.
Sisal Bottom Layer
The bottom layer is constructed from compressed sheets of Sisal. Sisal is a natural fiber obtained from the leaves of the Agave cactus. It is very strong but also very light. When used as a compressed sheet it makes for a very breathable and very durable insole.
Terry Cloth Top Cover
The top layer (covering the Sisal) of the Pedag Sport arch supports for children is a plush, all cotton, terry cloth. The continuous, uncut loops of the terry cloth create a smooth, cushiony layer that breathes well and stays cool; especially when compared to nylon and other synthetic foot bed linings.
These Arch Supports Work Best in…
While these full length children’s arch supports are relatively thin and will probably fit fine in all children’s shoes they work particularly well in shoes that have removable insoles. Please check your children’s shoes to see if the shoes have removable insoles. If the insoles are glued in, check if the glue bonds are strong as you may be able to remove the insoles with only a little force. If you can’t remove the shoe’s insole with ease check out Pedag’s other arch support for children called the Pedag Bambini. The Bambini is a ¾ length children’s arch support and will work better in shoes that don’t have a removable insole.
These arch supports are designed for people with
Low to Medium arch height.
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Sport Children and Youth Sizes
Pedag's Sport arch supports are actually sized in European metric sizes and the American numeric sizes printed on the package are just a rough translation. For this reason the package that says size 32 - US 2 we recommend for both a Youth 1 and 2. If you have any questions about sizing please feel free to call the toll free number below. For sizes larger than 34 please see the adult product called the Pedag Vitality

Pedag Sport Arch Supports For Children
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