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Pedag Lady
Metatarsal arch supports

The Pedag “Lady” is a low profile metatarsal arch support inlay. The metatarsal arch is created with a soft but firm foam pad stitched into a genuine leather cover. The metatarsal inlay has an adhesive backing to help hold it in place. The Pedag “Lady” can be used alone or in conjunction with existing arch supports and cushion insoles to give added support to the metatarsal arch.

The metatarsal bones are the long bones that extend down from the ankle to the base of the toes. They comprise ½ of the joint commonly referred to as the ball of the foot or the metatarsal heads. As the arch flattens out the angle of the metatarsal bones drop. This puts excessive pressure on each dropped metatarsal head and changes the angle of the metatarsal, toe joint. Pedag “Lady” metatarsal arch supports help to raise the dropped metatarsal bones and relieve a number of common foot problems which are discussed below.


Metatarsalgia refers to generalized pain in the ball of the foot often resulting from the breakdown of the natural, protective fat pads that are supposed to cushion the metatarsal heads. When the metatarsal arch falls it puts excessive and uneven pressures on the protective fat pads that can cause them to shift and move away from the points of pressure. This leaves the bones and muscle exposed to greater pressure and often results in generalized pain in the ball of the foot. A metatarsal arch support pad helps by lifting the metatarsal arch and applying pressure to encourage the return of the natural fat pad to the pressure point areas.
A neuroma is an irritation to the outer cover of a nerve channel called the nerve sheath. It is generally felt as a sharp pain in between the joints of the ball of the foot or at the base of the underside of the toe. Neuromas are often the result of fallen arches, which misaligns the bones of the foot and the connective tissues. Neuromas can occur when two metatarsal bones press against each other and rub against a nerve sheath trapped in between them. They can also occur if a tendon or ligament that is pulled out of alignment (because of over prontaion) and rubs back and forth across a nerve sheath that it normally wouldn’t come in contact with. A metatarsal arch support pad helps by lifting and spreading the metatarsal bones. It helps return alignment to the metatarsal arch and relieve pressure on painful neuromas.
Hammertoes are a condition where one or more of the toes take on a permanent curved or claw like position. One of the factors that can lead to severe hammertoes is over pronation (falling arches), specifically the falling of the metatarsal arch. When this happens the angle of the toe joint shifts in such a way as to lift the toe and curl it in (see the “bones” picture above). An arch support with a prominent metatarsal arch can help to correct the angle of the toe joint and reduce or prevent the curling hammertoe effect.

Pedag Lady Metatarsal Arch Supports have a “peel away” adhesive backing. For a permanent stick you can remove the entire “peel away” strip but for a less permanent stick, you only need to peel away a small section of the strip as pictured here. That way you can still move the pad from shoe to shoe.
The Pedag Lady Metatarsal Arch Supports can be used in conjunction with other arch supports to increase metatarsal support. You may notice that Pedag Lady metatarsal arch supports are only available in woman’s sizes but that doesn’t mean that men can’t benefit from them too. As shown above, the Pedag Lady metatarsal arch support can be positioned and adhered to a larger insole such as this SOF SOLE flat insole so men can use them as well.

Pedag Lady Metatarsal Arch Supports - $11.95 Per Pair
Only available in Women's sizes

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