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The Sof Sole Arch Performance Insole is a cushion insole with a little bit more. The Sof Sole Arch Performance Insole has a more highly contoured surface including a higher arch and deeper heel cup then many other cushion insoles so it feels more supportive and still provides an unparalleled level shock absorption. Sof Sole’s Arch Performance Insole is similar in many ways to Sof Sole’s Athlete Performance Insole but since the contour of the arch is higher the Arch Performance feels a little more dramatic.
sof sole arch plus performance insoles men's last (shape)
sof sole arch plus performance insoles women's last (shape)
Arch Performance Insole
Men's Last (Shape)
Arch Performance Insole
Women's Last (Shape)

What’s New in the New Sof Sole Arch Performance Insole?
More Cushioning
The new Arch Performance insoles have several unique improvements. One main difference is the yellow polyurethane foam which is now made from a slightly lower density polyurethane so it feels softer and provides a greater level of cushioning and shock absorption.
Better Fit
Another difference between the new Arch Performance Insole and the old Arch Plus Performance is that the new Arch Performance Insoles are made with gender specific lasts (shapes). The women’s Arch design is similar to the original Arch Plus Insole but it is a little straighter and less rounded at the toe. The Men’s Arch design has a much broader forefoot than the original Arch Plus but it can be trimmed if necessary for men with narrower feet.
Enhanced Arch
The third main addition to the insole is that the high density Implus™ heel plug has been moved forward into the arch. This helps to enhance the feel of support in the arch.
Aside from these changes the Arch Performance insoles are basically the same as the old Arch Plus insoles that have been discontinued.
The Sof Sole Arch Performance is an ideal insole for someone who needs cushioning but also wants a little extra feeling of stability around the heel and arch. Since there are no hard materials (such as plastic or fiberglass) used to create the arch in Arch Performance insole it is not truly an arch support but more of an arch cushion. Its primary function is to provide cushioning and it does that very well. The added contours give the Arch Performance Insole an increased feeling of anatomical correctness and stability. The Arch Performance Insole is constructed from two distinct layers of cushioning materials that combine to create a breathable, durable and amazingly comfortable cushion insole. The main body of the Arch Performance Insole is the Yellow layer and it is the layer that is built up to create the enhanced arch and heel. The yellow layer is a "closed cell" polyurethane foam, which means that the bubbles that permeate the foam do not interconnect. Closed cell foams are very resilient to compression hence they tend to be very durable. Unfortunately they are also nonporous so they don't breathe or promote air circulation through a shoe. To make the Arch Performance Insole more breathable Sof Sole added an additional layer of their patented Implus™ material atop the Yellow Polyurethane foam. Implus™ is a unique "open cell" foam which means that the bubbles that permeate the foam do interconnect so air can pass through the insole. Implus™ material is amazingly durable but is also breathable. An insole made with Implus™, wicks perspiration away from the foot and facilitates air circulation through the shoe. The ball of the foot and the heel are the areas of the foot that bear the body's entire weight.
These are fairly thick, full length insoles. They are intended to be worn in shoes that have removable insoles such as casual walking shoes, athletic shoes, outdoor shoes and hiking boots. Sof Sole Athletes Plus come with a 1 year warranty and a
Money-Back Guarantee!
Looking for the old Arch Plus Performance insole? Click Here we still have some sizes available.
Arch Performance Insole by Sof~Sole $17.99 Per Pair
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