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Graphite Orthotic
Arch Supports

This item has been discontinued by Sof Sole and only limited sizes are still available (listed below)
If your size is not available we have a new (and almost identical) replacement from a different company (Sorbothane)
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Graphite Orthotic arch supports by Sof~Sole are a unique combination of arch support and cushion insole. The title "Graphite Orthotic Arch Support" is a little misleading since this insole is much more then just an arch support. This full length insole combines an ultra thin, ultra strong graphite arch support with a triple layer, contoured cushion cover for the ultimate in supportive comfort and shock absorption.  
The Arch Support Bridge
The graphite orthotic arch support has an arch support bridge that is constructed from a composite of graphite and fiber glass. The composite material has more graphite than fiberglass making it lighter, stronger and more supportive then other composite arch supports such as the Sof Sole™ Motion Control Arch Support. These other arch supports also use a graphite/fiberglass composite material but they have less graphite and more fiberglass in the mixture so they are more flexible and provide a little less support then the Sof Sole™ Motion Control Arch Support.

The Cushioning Layers
What really makes these arch support/insoles stand out is their focus on total foot cushioning. The composite arch support bridge is covered with a full length cushion insole designed with three distinct cushioning layers that provide unparallel shock absorption and comfort for the heel arch and forefoot.
Yellow Layer
The yellow layer, which comprises the main body of the cushion insole, is a closed cell polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is a superior foam to use for making insoles because its density and rubber like qualities make it extremely durable, shock absorbent and comfortable. The polyurethane foam layer is contoured to cradle the heel and arch. This gives the insole a comfortable, natural feel and adds some stability and support. These insoles can take a great deal of pounding and still feel soft and comfortable.
Black Layer
The top black layer is actually two separate materials. The top cover is a layer of etc. fabric which is specially designed to reduce friction and wick moisture away from the feet. Under the etc. top cover is a layer of black foam called Implus XL®. Implus XL® is a lighter weight and less dense version of the standard Implus® material (used in other Sof~Sole products like the Cushion Insole). Implus XL® is light and strong and has a greater wicking capacity then standard Implus® which means your feet will stay cool and dry, even when you are active.
Red Gel Polymer
The crowning jewel on the Graphite Orthotic Arch Support is the red gel polymer heel cushion. The gel is even softer and more shock absorbent then the yellow polyurethane ensuring that even a heavy heel striker gets ample cushioning.

These arch supports are designed for people with Medium to Low Arches
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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These are fairly thick, full length arch supports / insoles. They are intended to be worn in shoes that have removable insoles such as casual walking shoes, athletic shoes, outdoor shoes and hiking boots. Sof Sole Graphite Orthotic Arch Supports come with an unconditional 1 year guarantee.

Graphite Orthotic Arch Supports by Sof~Sole
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