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Merino White
Superfeet Insoles

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The Superfeet Merino White (Formally Superfeet Wooly White) arch support insoles from Superfeet were given their unusual name because they are constructed with a top cover comprised of hypoallergenic Merino wool. Now, one might think that this makes it a “winter only” product as merino wool is an excellent natural insulation material but Merino wool is also highly breathable and exceptionally good at wicking moisture away from the foot and expediting its evaporation. This means that the in cold weather the Superfeet Merino White arch support insoles will help to keep your feet warm but it also means that in warm weather the Superfeet Merino White arch support insoles will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Superfeet Wooly white arch support insoles one on side showing the bottom arch support shell and one face up showing the Merino wool layer

Superfeet Merino White arch support insoles use the same plastic arch support shell that is used in the Superfeet Blue insoles. Also, the Foundation High Density Foam layer (middle brown layer) is only slightly thinner than the foam layer used in the Superfeet Blue insole. This means that the Superfeet Merino White is thin enough to fit in a wide range of shoes (including athletic and casual shoes, outdoor boots and galoshes) while maintaining a significant level or arch and heel support. Superfeet Merino White insoles make excellent replacement insoles for popular sheepskin, shearling and fashion rain boots that don’t typically provide much arch support.
About The Merino Wool
The main feature of the Superfeet Merino White arch support insole is of course the Merino wool top cover. The Merino wool top cover is created by blending left over wool 'noils' acquired from the wool sock industry with virgin Merino fibers, creating a 90% recycled Merino wool top cover. The wool fibers are blended with 10% polyester fiber for added strength, and then milled together using moisture, heat and mechanical compression to felt the fabric, leaving a lofty top cover. The wool's crimped fiber structure traps large quantities of air, reducing heat conduction and creating insulation from both heat and cold.
Just for clarification, the wool noils that are procured from the wool sock industry are not being recycled from any product that was used by a human. The wool noils are excess purchases made by the sock industry that were not used in sock production.

Superfeet Merino White Arch Support Insoles
$49.95 Per Pair

(Formally Superfeet Wooly White)
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