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Superstep Orthotic Arch Supports
From KLM Labs

All three models of the KLM Superstep orthotic arch supports are designed with an arch support shell that is made from polypropylene plastic but what makes the Superstep brand of arch supports unique is that each of the three models (Mild, Medium and Max) has a slightly different formula of polypropylene plastic. These three different formulas each have a different density and hence a different rigidity. This means that while each model of Superstep orthotic arch supports all have the exact same shape and height (which is about ¾ of an inch high) each model flexes to a different (greater or lesser) degree; hence accommodating a wide range of foot types, arch heights and foot sensitivity levels.

Three Different Densities
Superstep - Mild
Superstep Mild orthotic arch supports are the most flexible of the three Superstep models. They have considerable give and are best suited for people with naturally low arches or people with flat feet who have never worn an arch support before. They are also good for people who have very sensitive feet but still need at least a minimal amount of support.
Superstep - Medium
Superstep Medium orthotic arch supports are a little more aggressive than the Mild. They still work well for people with flat feet but are better for people with flat and/or sensitive feet that have tried more mild drug store arch support brands and are ready for the next step up (in support).
Superstep - Max
Superstep Max orthotic arch supports are the most aggressive of the line. The Superstep Max model is very similar to the Powerstep Line of arch supports and (like the Powerstep) is recommended for medium to high arches. If you have tried the Powerstep line of arch supports (especially the Powerstep Pinnacle) then this is the model that you want to look at. It offers the same level of support and a similar level of cushioning.

Superstep Covering Material
KLM’s Superstep orthotic arch supports consist of a Polypropylene plastic shell that is encapsulated in three layers of cushioning material. The plastic arch support shell has a top and bottom layer of OrthoLite foam. OrthoLite is an open cell polyurethane base foam. The unique open cell structure of OrthoLite enables air to travel through and around the insole creating a cooler environment inside the shoe. Along with air, the open cell structure inherent to the OrthoLite foam works to transport moisture away from the foot and then disperse it evenly throughout the foam. This promotes the quickest possible drying time inside of a shoe. A patented biocide is added to all OrthoLite foams to fight against the presence of fungus, bacteria, and odor. Lining the bottom of the KLM Superstep orthotic arch supports is a 16th inch thick layer of 8 pound (which refers to its density) EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) closed cell foam. This adds an additional resilient layer of denser shock absorbing cushion material under for forefoot, arch and heel.

These arch supports are designed for people ofall arch types.
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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KLM’s Superstep orthotic arch supports are a full length arch support (foot support) and are designed for athletic or casual shoes that have a somewhat substantial removable insole. The arch support shell is rather thin (about 1/8th of and inch or 4 millimeters thick) but the foam top and bottom cushion layers are each and about 1/8th of an inch thick giving the KLM Superstep orthotic arch support a profile that is about ¼ inch thick (uncompressed by the bodies weight). With the body’s weight the foam top and bottom layers will compress a little making the Superstep a little thinner than ¼ inch but in any case it is still a rather substantial insole and not dissimilar in thickness to the Powerstep Pinnacle.
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