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Performance Replacement Insoles

Ironman® replacement insoles are the latest innovation from Spenco® in cushion replacement insoles. Ironman insoles are designed to provide significantly improved shock absorption then the standard insoles that come with most shoes. The main body of the insole is constructed from a yellow, full length contoured layer of polyurethane. The red pads at the ball of the foot and the heel are embedded shock pads that are designed to give extra cushioning to the weight bearing impact points of the foot. The blue support struts around the heel and arch of the foot add stability to the Ironman insole and help to keep the foot properly aligned over the most shock absorbing parts of the insole. Ironman insoles work well in any shoe with a removable insole including athletic shoes, outdoor shoes, hiking boots and even some casual walking shoes. Ironman insoles come in two sizes and can be easily trimmed to fit you specific shoe size. We recommend using the shoe's original insole as a template to trim the Ironman insoles, if necessary. Also, the added cushion at the ball of the foot and heel are generously sized to accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes. Ironman insoles are unconditionally guaranteed for six months from the date of purchase by the Spenco Corporation so try a pair today.

This item was discontinued by the manufacturer

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If you purchase 1 pair of SPENCO® IRONMAN®
then you can choose between First Class
Mail (5 to 8 days) or Priority Mail (3 to 5 days). For 2
or more pair, please select Priority Mail as they are
too heavy to send via First Class Mail. For detailed
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$5.90 to $7.30
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3 - 4
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$6.15 to $11.70
Varies Based on Destination
5 - 6
Not Available
$6.85 to $15.65
Varies Based on Destination
7 Pair
& Up
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$7.70 - $18.80& Up
Varies Based on Destination
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