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Hammer Toe Splints
Hammertoe Splints, commonly referred to as Budin Splints are designed to help straighten curled hammer or claw toes. They can be used to extend a hammertoe that has curled under the foot but they can also be used to pull down hammertoe that is raised or lifting higher then the surrounding toes.
The Hammertoe Splint is comprised of a large foam pad and 1, 2 or 3 loops. The loops are anchored to the pad and rise up perpendicular to it Hammertoe Splint uses the weight of the body to pull a hammertoe into alignment with the other toes, whether it is curling under or lifting up.
Hammertoes are a type of foot deformity that can cause one (or more) of the toes to either curl under or (in some cases) over other toes. The cause of hammer, claw or mallet toes can stem from a lack of proper foot and arch support but it can also result from consistently wearing shoes that are too small. The most common result of a hammer, claw or mallet toe is the development of friction related problems such as corns, callous, blisters and general rubbing and chafing.

Hammertoe Splints loop over the problem toe with an elastic band that weaves through the pad. The elastic band can be loosened or tightened to adjust the fit of the loops. These hammertoe Splints are made from synthetic material and can be hand washed in sudsy, lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry completely before re-using. People with diabetes or poor circulation should consult a physician before using Hammertoe Splints.
Apex Hammertoe Splint
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