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Runner's knees often hurt because of torque in the joint created by over-pronation. Torque is created when the bones in the lower leg, (the tibia and fibula) rotate inward more than the thigh bone (the femur). Some torque in the knee is natural, but too much often leads to pain andinjury. By reducing pronation arch supports help to relieve pressure on the knee.

Feet Relief recommends using arch supports as part of a complete knee pain treatment plan. Arch supports re-align the bones of the ankle and knee and reduce tissue strain caused by over-pronation. Feet Relief also recommends wearing good shoes with a lot of support. To learn more about shoes and how to evaluate their support features, click here.
From the American Academy of Family Physican's
"Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Review and Guidelines for Treatment"
MARK S. JUHN, D.O., University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington
"Arch supports or custom orthotics can be helpful in patients with a wide variety of lower extremity complaints, including patellofemoral pain.33,34 Although the reasons are not entirely clear, an arch support may improve lower extremity biomechanics by preventing overpronation in pes planus and by providing a broader base of support for the normal or pes cavus foot. Over-the-counter arch supports are a reasonable and relatively inexpensive initial suggestion."