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Sole Custom Footbed

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The Sole Custom Footbed - Dress is a great insole for people need extra support but don’t like the feel of hard plastic in their arch supports. The Sole - Dress is constructed from two distinct layers of foam. The bottom layer is firm and highly contoured EVA (Ethel Vinyl Acetate) foam that provides gentle but resilient support to the heel and arch. The top layer is softer but equally durable Poron® foam which provides unparallel cushioning and long lasting shock absorption. The combination of these two materials in the Sole Custom Footbed Dress creates a truly unique feeling insole.
Sole Custom Footbed pair, one face up and one face down Sole Custom footbed top view
The Sole Custom Footbed Dress is even thinner then the Regular and designed to fit in shoes that have thin or no removable insoles. This includes casual walking shoes and casual dress shoes (such as Rockport, Ecco, Clarks etc...), work boots, waders, and even some leather soles dress shoes.
Sole Custom Footbed Construction
Sole Custom Footbeds are constructed from three distinct layers, two layers of foam and a top cover.
The bottom layer (black) is a high density EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam that is highly contoured in the arch and heel and gives the footbed its integrity and support. Although lower density EVA (such as the kind use to make standard athletic shoe insoles) is weak and flimsy, higher density EVA (like the kind used in this footbed) is actually very firm, supportive and durable. Further more, EVA (unlike plastic) isn’t hard or jarring to the feet so it is very comfortable for a wide range of athletic and outdoor activities. Since the Regular by Sole Custom Footbeds does not use any plastic to support the arch you will not feel a drop off point where the plastic ends. Sole Custom Footbeds have a unique continuous feel that most other insoles lack.
These arch supports are designed for people ofall arch types.
high arch - medium arch - low arch
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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The top cushion layer (Gray & hard to see in the picture above) is a 1.2mm thick layer of Softec, a Urethane based Poron® material that is very durable and provides long lasting cushion and shock absorption. Based on drop weight tests, SOFTEC offers the best shock protection on the market today. SOFTEC material is made without plasticizers, which means the insoles won't shrink or become brittle and crack with age. The open cell construction of SOFTEC means the permeable layers draw moisture away from the foot, helping keep feet dry. The top cover (Bright Red) of the Sole Custom Insole Regular is a perforated polyester weave (PPW) that helps reduce friction and wick moisture away from the foot.

Sole Custom Footbed Heat Molding
Sole Custom Insoles can be heat molded in your oven. Each pair comes with specific instructions but basically you heat them in your oven, put them in your shoes and then put your shoes on. Your feet will press the footbed into its new shape and as footbed coolsit will solidify into that shape. Please be aware that heating and customizing the insoles will not make them any higher but will only make them lower. You should only try to heat mold the Sole Custom Footbeds if they do not feel comfortable because you feel that some or all of the arch is a little to high for your foot. You should try the footbeds in your shoes first, before doing anything to them. Many people will find that Sole Custom Footbeds feel great right out of the box and don’t need any heat molding at all.
Sole Custom Footbed Double Warranty
Sole Custom Foot Beds are covered by a double warranty. The Ultimate Fit guarantee offers a money back refund for up to 90 days after the date of purchase to anyone who is not 100% satisfied with their Sole Custom Footbeds. The second guarantee covers the Poron cushioning material called Softec. The guarantee is that the Softec material will not bottom out and will provide excellent cushioning for two years or Sole Custom Insoles will give you a new pair, for free.
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Sole Custom Footbed Dress - $29.95
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