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Gel Heel Cups
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Spenco Gel Heel Cups are made from a Tri density Thermo Polyurethane Rubber (TPR) Gel and are designed to put the superior cushioning power of gel right where it is needed most, under the heel. The heel is the part of the body that receives the most shock upon impact especially when walking and running. Spenco Performance Gel Heel Cups significantly reduce the pounding feeling of walking and running on hard surfaces such as concrete or in hard shoes such as leather soled dress shoes.

Spenco Gel Heel Cups top and bottom spenco gel heel cups

Spenco Performance Gel Heel Cups have a gooey consistency that you would expect from a gel product and add noticeable and long lasting heel cushioning to any shoe. Spenco Gel Heel Cups have three important features that increase shock absorption, support and comfort level. These Spenco Gel Heel Cups incorporate a hexagon cushion structure that increases the cushioning and shock absorption under the heel. Spenco Gel Heel Cups also have an additional cushioning feature. The orange hexagon cushion pad is actually made from a lower density (softer) TPR gel than the rest of the heel cup so it provides even more cushioning for high impact heel strikes. Finally, the gray support strip is made from a higher density (harder) TPR gel that gives the rear wall more body which helps keep it from folding inward or wrinkling uncomfortably when a person puts their foot into a shoe containing the gel heel cup.
More About the Hexagon Cushioning Design
A Typical TPR solid gel heel cup has only a limited amount of compression due to the density of the gel. This means that upon a hard impact its shock absorbing capacity is equally limited. By comparison, foam based cushioning materials offer considerably more shock absorption because the bubble cells in the foam rubber compress and recoil to a greater degree than a solid layer of TPR gel can.

The hexagon design in the new Spenco Gel Heel Cup changes this cushioning aspect and significantly improves the shock absorption capabilities of the new Spenco Gel Heel Cups. The hexagon design creates structurally supported air pockets in the gel that allows it to compress and recoil in a way that is similar to the bubble cells in foam based cushion materials. This design allows it to absorb more shock and provide more cushioning than solid TPR gel heel cups.

Gel Heel Cups - $8.49 Per Pair

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If you purchase 1 - 2 pair of SPENCO Performance Gel Heel Cups then you can choose between First Class Mail (5 to 8 days) or Priority Mail (3 to 5 days). For 3 or more pair, please select Priority Mail as they are too heavy to send via First Class Mail. For detailed ordering instructions click the button below.
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First Class
1 Pair
$5.90 to $7.30
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$5.90 to $7.30
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$5.90 to $7.30
Varies Based on Destination
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$6.15 to $11.70
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$6.85 to $15.65& Up
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