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Superfeet Insole

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The Superfeet Orange Footbed is an all new and improved Superfeet insole and one of the best they have made yet. Superfeet has included several substantial improvements in the design of the Orange insole. These include a redesigned plastic arch support bridge, a mild metatarsal arch support and extra cushioning for the ball of the foot.
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Superfeet Orange insoles are unique foam arch supports that use a contoured Trocellen™ foam insole reinforced with a patented plastic support bridge to cradle the heel and support the arch. Trocellen™ is a firm and resilient foam that is not soft or spongy. It is designed to be light and shock absorbing yet firm and supportive. The plastic support bridge helps to accentuate the supportive contours of the Trocellen™ foam insole. Superfeet Orange insoles (arch supports) are light but surprisingly sturdy, supportive and comfortable. They add significant support and improve the fit and comfort of almost any pair of shoes.

The Improved Plastic Support Bridge
One of the main and most significant improvements of the Superfeet Orange arch supports was the remodeling of the plastic arch support bridge. Rather than a smoothly contoured plastic arch bridge (such as the one on the Superfeet Green footbed), the Superfeet Orange footbed has two distinct and significant ridges in the plastic. One ridge runs from the lateral (outside) heel all the way around and to the medial (inside) arch and the other ridge runs around the interior of the forefoot. These two ridges significantly increase the strength and rigidity of the plastic support bridge thereby increasing the overall support and longevity of the Superfeet Orange insole.

  Extra Cushioning for the Forefoot
Superfeet recently modified the design of the Orange insole. Originally the orange colored cushion pad was smaller and only cushioned the ball of the foot but due to requests by customers and medical professionals Superfeet expanded the size of the orange cushioning pad to encompass the entire forefoot and provide truly superior cushioning for the ball of the feet and toes. The Orange colored section at the ball of the foot on the bottom of the insole is actually an additional piece of foam that Superfeet attached to the main Trocellen™ footbed. This shock pad is a Polyurethane based foam that is softer and bouncier foam than Trocellen™ foam and increases the insole’s forefoot shock absorption capacity. This is particularly useful when running or engaging in other high impact sports but it is also good for people who have lost the protective fat pads in the balls of their feet and are having pain in their metatarsal heads (a condition known as metatarsalgia).

These arch supports are designed for people of all arch types.
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Anti-Microbial Top Cover
As if all these changes were not enough, Superfeet added an additional feature to the Orange insoles, an anti-microbial treatment to the top cover called AgION®. AgION® antimicrobial is based on silver ions, that protects the Superfeet Orange from a broad spectrum of bacteria and keeps them cleaner and fresher than untreated footbeds.

The Superfeet Orange footbeds are only slightly thinner than the Superfeet Green footbeds and are definitely thicker than the Superfeet Blue footbeds. They are mainly designed for athletic and outdoor shoes but will work in casual shoes as long as the shoes have substantial removable insoles.

The Superfeet Orange Insoles (Trim-To-Fit) $54.95 Per Pair
Superfeet Orange Insoles are designed to accommodate the shape of Men’s feet and are only available in men’s sizes. For the Women’s version (Called Berry) Click Here

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