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Arch Support Accessories
Presented here is a collection of products designed to be used with most of the arch supports and heel lifts sold on this website.
Velcro Dots
Use Velcro dots to secure arch supports into open back shoes or sandals.
Step 1: Peel the dot of the plastic strip.
Step 2: Stick the prickly side to the bottom of the arch support in the center of the heel.
Step 3: Stick the fuzzy side inside the shoe/sandal, on the bottom in the center of the heel.
2 pair of Velcro dots (2 prickly & 2 fuzzy) will accommodate 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of arch supprts. If you want to Velcro a single pair of arch supports into multiple pair of shoes you will only need additional fuzzy dots (not prickly ones).

Hot feet or hot weather can melt the Velcro dot's adhesive causing the dots to slide out of place. If this happens use a small drop of rubber cement to secure it back into place.

Velcro Dots
.24¢ per pair
.12¢ Individually
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(1 Fuzzy + 1 Prickly = 1 Pair)
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(Fuzzy or Prickly)
Side (Fuzzy or Prickly):

Double Sided Tape
Double Sided Tape has adhesive on both sides and can be used to keep Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts from falling out of open backed shoes and Sandals. Clearly adjustable heel lifts are made from Vinyl plastic, which can react (sort of melt) after prolonged exposure to many common adhesives used standard household tapes. This double sided tape won’t react with Vinyl and is safe to use with Clearly Adjustable heel lifts. It can also be used with many of the arch supports, sold on this website, if the Velcro isn't effective. Double Sided tape comes (as shown) with 4, 5 inch stripes on a small sheet of wax paper.

Double Sided Tape
1 Sheet 4x 5 Inch Stripes
$1.41 Per Sheet
Order Sheets Of Double Sided Tape

Tongue Pads
These versatile little felt pads have a million and one uses. Typically, tongue pads are used to improve a shoe’s fit. Sticking them to the underside of a shoe’s tongue tightens the fit of the shoe and helps to reduce heel slippage. We sell them as an arch support enhancement. Just stick the pad to the bottom of the arch support at the apex of the medial side (inside) of the arch support. Tongue Pads can be layered one atop the other for additional support but it is best to start with a single layer and gradually build up over time.

Tongue Pads
.42¢ Each

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