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BirkoSport Arch Supports

The BirkoSport, two part arch support insoles are a unique Birkenstock product that is designed for athletic shoes but can also work well casual and dress shoes (as it is a truly unique two part arch support insole). The BirkoSport from Birkenstock is called a two part insole because the blue top cover is not actually glued to the ¾ length Birko Cork arch support bottom layer. The top cover of the BirkoSport Birkenstock arch support is actually a cushion overlay that sits on top of the Birko Cork arch support layer. The blue top cover is highly contoured and its contours are designed to match exactly to the contours of the Birko Cork bottom layer so the two layers of the BirkoSport Birkenstock arch supports fit together like a hand to a glove (or a foot to a shoe for a more appropriate analogy).

The Top Cover
The top cover of the BirkoSport Birkenstock two part arch support insoles is a closed cell high density EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam that provides comfort and shock absorption. It is highly contoured with a deep heel cup, a mild metatarsal arch bump (to support the ball of the foot) and a toe bar (for toe support) which is almost exactly the same as the toe bar in the classic Birkenstock sandals. The BirkoSport top cover is designed to fit snuggly and exactly to the shape and curves of the Birko Cork arch support that it covers.

The Bottom Layer (Birko Cork Arch Support)
The Birko Cork ¾ length arch support shell of the BirkoSport from Birkenstock is the brown bottom layer. Birko Cork is a firm composite material made from ground cork mixed with nylon plastic. The composite material is heat molded and pressed into the arch support form. Birko Cork is very durable and resists compression and abrasion as well if not better than pure nylon plastic.

The Two Layer Aspect of the Birkenstock BirkoSport Arch Supports
Most arch supports come in either a full length version or a ¾ length version. The Birkenstock BirkoSport arch supports give you both a ¾ and full length arch support all in one. In sport shoes or casual shoes that have a removable insole you can remove the insole that comes with the shoe and replace it with both the top and bottom layers of the BirkoSport arch support. The combination of the two layers gives a comfortable continuity of fit for walking, running and other vigorous activities. In dress shoes and casual shoes that don’t have a removable insole you can use only the bottom arch support layer of the Birkenstock BirkoSport. This leaves more room for your toes and puts less material under your heel which can lead to heel slippage.

These arch supports are designed for people with Medium to Low Arches
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Birkenstock BirkoSport Two Part Arch Supports
Attention: Size 38 will be unavailable until the middle of February
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