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Poly-Flex High Arch Supports For Children

If you inherited your parent's flat feet shouldn't you also inherit their arch supports?
Adult's foot next to child's foot
Children's arch supports next to adult's
The Poly-Flex High orthotic arch supports are now available in children's sizes!

Children's Poly-Flex High orthotic arch supports are smaller, thinner versions of the Poly-Flex orthotic arch support for adults. These arch supports give kids total support because they have the Poly-Flex Support System™. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on custom made kids arch supports that your child will out grow in a year. For $37.95 you can get your child a great pair of orthopedic arch supports that will keep them pain free and active all year long.
These arch supports are designed for children with Medium & High Arches
High, Medium and low arch pictures
To learn about determining Natural Arch Height
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Children's Poly-Flex High orthotic arch supports are constructed from semi rigid polypropylene plastic and are considerably more firm and supportive then other over the counter arch supports. These arch supports are good for children that originally had a medium to high natural arch but through over-pronation, lost it and now have a fallen arch or completely flat feet. These arch supports are very supportive and very corrective. Parents should understand that most children will need to take a little time getting used to the feel of these arch supports before they can comfortably wear them for a full day in school or for athletic activities. The break in time can be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks and mostly relates to how high your child's natural arch is and how flat their feet have become. A child with a high arch and extremely flat feet will take longer to get used to these arch supports because the arch supports are shifting the bones and muscles of their feet to a greater degree then in a child whose feet are not as flat. This is normal and comparable to what an adult would experience with an adult size pair of Poly-Flex High orthotic arch supports. Break in instructions are included with each pair of children's Poly-Flex High orthotic arch supports.

Which Size Arch Supports Are Best For My Child?
The Children’s Poly-Flex High orthotic arch supports come in two main size groups, Children’s Sizes and Youth Sizes. The Children’s size arch supports are smaller then Youth sizes and run from a child’s size 4 - 5 through a child’s size 12 - 13 (see the dropdown "Size"menu below). The Youth size arch supports are larger then the Children’s sizes and come in two sizes, a 1 - 2 and a 3 - 4. If your child has feet that are larger then a men’s size 5, no matter what his/her age is, he/she will not fit into Child or Youth size arch support and should be fit with small adult sizes. Please note that most of the Children’s and Youth size arch supports actually span two shoe sizes and are designed to fit the larger of the two sizes. This means that to get the most comfortable fit for your child you should select an arch support that is a size smaller then the actual shoe size that your child wears.
For Example:
If you just bought new shoes for your child and you purchased a shoe size 1 or 2 the Youth size arch supports in a 1 - 2 (which actually fit a size 2 to 2 ½) will be too large and are likely to be uncomfortable. A better, more comfortable fit would be a Children’s size 12 - 13. As that child’s foot grows to a shoe size 3 then the size 1 - 2 will fit comfortably.
Following this pattern, a child will be able to wear the Youth size 3 - 4 until they reach a Men’s size 5 ½ to 6 and then they can transition to adult sizes.

Children's Poly-Flex High Orthotic Arch Supports - $37.95

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Shipping Prices
If you purchase 1 - 3 pair of Poly-Flex High orthotic arch supports for Children then you can choose between First Class Mail (5 to 8 days) or Priority Mail (3 to 5 days). For 4 or more pair, please select Priority Mail as they are too heavy to send via First Class Mail. For detailed ordering instructions click the button below.

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First Class
1 Pair
$5.90 to $7.30
Varies Based on Destination
2 Pair
$5.90 to $7.30
Varies Based on Destination
3 Pair
Not Available
$5.90 to $7.30
Varies Based on Destination
4 - 6 Pair
Not Available
$6.10 to $11.70
Varies Based on Destination
7 Pair
& Up
Not Available
$6.85 to $15.65& Up
Varies Based on Destination
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