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Silopad Deluxe Gel Toe Caps

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Silopad Deluxe Gel Toe Caps from Silipos are simply the best bandage covered gel to cap we have seen yet. Silopad Deluxe Gel Toe Caps from Silipos are extra long, a full 2 ¼ inches long to be exact! That's a ½ inch longer then most competing brands bandage covered toe caps. The extra length means that Silipos Deluxe gel toe caps will stay on your toes (especially the Big toe) better then standard toe caps and will not fall off when you're active. The number one complaint we get about standard toe caps is that they are too short and sometimes fall off (especially on the big toe of large Men's and Women's sizes). This should never happen with these extra long Silipos Deluxe gel toe caps, their extra length reaches all the way down to the base of the toe giving them a better hold so they don't work their way off.

Aside from being extra long, these gel toe caps are very well made. The quality stitching at the tip of the toe ensures that the cap won't tear open. The outer bandage material strong and resilient and can take a good amount of tugging and pulling with out losing shape or elasticity. Please note that over grown toenails can cut through the gel and eventually tear the bandage of any toe cap to ensure the longest lift of your deluxe toe cap you should do what you can to maintain a healthy toenail length. These toe caps can be trimmed as needed to fit the shorter toes. Also, these toe caps work just as well on fingers as they do toes.
The inside of the Silipos Silopad Deluxe gel toe cap is lined with a super soft, super smooth, continuous layer of Silipos’s proprietary silicone gel polymer which slowly releases medical grade mineral oil and provides an almost immediate relief to many common toe problems. The soothing, oil impregnated gel, moisturizes while it protects and helps relieve direct pressure and rubbing that contribute to problems such as corns, calluses, blisters, chafing, and ingrown toenails. People with hammer toes, bunions or overlapping toes will find these toe caps particularly helpful in preventing friction related sores. They are also great for protecting a bruised or black toe nail (runners toe) or a toe that has recently lost a toenail. What's more, gel doesn't absorb odors and the cloth cover can be hand washed with mild liquid soap as necessary.
Which Size Should I Get?
Silipos Silopad Deluxe gel toe caps come in 2 sizes, Small & Large
Small (Trim-To-Fit)
Large (Trim-To-Fit)
2nd, 3rd, 4th & Pinky toe for both Men & Women
Big toe (Great toe) for both Men & Women

Silipos Silopad Deluxe Gel Toe Caps $6.95 Each

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