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Poly-Flex Low Orthotic Arch Supports For Children
This product has been discontinued & is only available in
Limited Sizes

Poly-Flex Low arch supports for children are smaller, thinner versions of the adult size Poly-Flex Low arch support. Poly-Flex Low arch supports for children are a ¾ length polypropylene plastic arch support that was specifically designed to give children with medium to low height arches, all the support they need but with an unsurpassed level of comfort. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on custom made kids arch supports that your child will out grow in a year. For $37.95 you can get your child a great pair of orthopedic arch supports that will keep them pain free and active all year long.

Feet Relief's Own Arch Supports for children, 1 pair, face up
Feet Relief's Own arch supports for children, side view
These arch supports are designed for Children with Medium & Low Arches
High, Medium and Low arch pictures
To learn about determining Natural Arch Height
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Poly-Flex Low arch supports are ideal for kids that need corrective support but have tried other higher hard orthotics and arch supports (such as the Flexifly) and found them to be to uncomfortable to wear. Poly-Flex Low supports have been sculpted with slightly lower contours then the Flexifly arch support so that they better fit the feet of those children who have medium to low height arches. These arch supports feel great but still offer the wearer a high level of support. Many other arch supports that are designed for children with medium to low arch height use softer plastics and foams that flatten out quickly and don't really support the arch. Poly-Flex Low arch supports, like the Flexifly arch supports, are molded from semi rigid polypropylene plastic so they resist compression, recoil quickly and provide effective long-lasting support to the foot and arch.

Which Size Arch Supports Are Best For My Child?
Poly-Flex Low, arch supports for children come in two main size groups, Children’s Sizes and Youth Sizes. The Children's size arch supports are smaller then Youth sizes and run in whole sizes, from a child's size 5 through a child's size 13 (see the dropdown Size menu below). The Youth size arch supports are larger then the Children's sizes and run in whole sizes, from a child's size 1 through a child's size 4. If your child has feet that are larger then a men's size 5, no matter what his/her age is, he/she will not fit into Child or Youth size arch support and should be fit with small adult sizes. Please note that the Poly-Flex Low Arch Supports for children run pretty much true to size but, if anything they run a little on the large side. This means that if your child is in between two shoe sizes such that they wear a 13 ½ in some shoes but a 1 in others you should select an arch support size that matches the smallest shoe size that they wear, in this case the 13 - 13 ½.

Remaining Sizes
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Child's Size 4
Child's Size 5
Child's Size 7
Child's Size 8
Child's Size 9
Child's Size 10
Child's Size 11
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but if you don't see the size need check back with us later. We are, on occasion still able to procure some of the old style products and we will post them here if and when we can get them.

Poly-Flex Low Children's Arch Supports - Was $37.95 Now Only $27.95

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