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frequently asked questions about Flexifly arch supports

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Q: What is a Flexifly ?  
A: The Flexifly is a firm plastic arch support that is worn in shoes to reduce foot and leg pain.  
How does a Flexifly arch support work?  
A: The Flexifly arch support's firm plastic contours act like a brace supporting the heel, arch, and the ball of the foot. Wearing the Flexifly arch support in a shoe controls the ankle's range of motion and returns a healthy more functional shape to the foot. This brings the foot and leg into alignment and dramatically reduces tissue strain caused by over-pronation.  
Q: Why is a flexifly arch support superior to other over the counter arch supports?   
A: The Flexifly arch support is more like a custom made orthotic than an over the counter arch supports. Its firm, high, arch is cast from high density low molecular weight polypropylene plastic. This arch support is very corrective and extremely durable. On average, a pair of Flexifly arch supports need only be replaced once every two to three years. Because of its superior design and more durable construction, Flexifly arch supports address a wider range of foot and leg problems than other store bought arch supports.