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Easy Fit Dress Inserts
For Womens Flats & Mens Dress & Casual Shoes

Super Low Price!
Easy Fit Dress Inserts from Superfeet are a thin plastic arch support designed to fit discreetly into dress and casual shoes. Easy Fit Dress Inserts from Superfeet have a medium height arch but what really makes then effective is the classic Superfeet heel cup.

About that Heel Cup...
Superfeet insole technology has always recognized that controlling over-pronation and supporting the foot can be approached from more then one angle. Most arch supports control over-pronation by supporting the arch with curved piece of plastic or contoured foam. While Superfeet insoles also do this, they have an added support feature which is a deep and rounded heel cup. In flat shoes, shoes with flat insoles or when bare foot, with each step, the arch flexes inward and the heel roles slightly from side to side. This is what pronation is. An insole with a rounded heel cup like the Superfeet Capsules cradles the heel. The rounded cup shape stabilizes the heel significantly limiting its side-to-side roll. This in turn limits the amount that the arch can flex and effectively controls low to moderate levels of over-pronation.
About the Easy Fit Dress Inserts from Superfeet
Superfeet Easy Fit Dress Inserts are a ¾ length plastic arch support that although thin, is still built with the classic Superfeet design including the cupped heel. Superfeet Easy Fit Dress Inserts are surprisingly thin, very comfortable and fit into a lot of shoes that other insoles can’t. The arch is low to moderate but because of the cupped heel the insert is very effective and feels very natural.
People familiar with the Superfeet Capsule foot beds designed for athletic and walking shoes will be pleasantly surprised to find that the same level of support and comfort is now available for tighter fitting dress and casual shoes with these Easy Fit Dress Inserts.

Superfeet Easy Fit Dress Inserts
$24.95 Per Pair

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