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The Alternative to the Classic Tacco Arch Support Shell Design

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Ok, so if you have found your self on this page it is most likely that you either tried the new Tacco design (with the higher arch) and didn’t like it or you weren’t interested in trying it at all and you are curious about the other German brand we carry called Pedag.
Pedag is another Germany arch support company. Feet Relief has carried the Pedag products for over 12 years and Feet Relief's owner David Fisher has been familiar with Pedag arch supports for over 20 years. All of Pedag's products are made in Königs Wusterhausen, in Brandenburg, Germany (about 30 minutes from the city center of Berlin). Much of the manufacturing process is done by hand.
What is the arch support shell?
The arch support shell is the firm part of the arch support that runs from the ball of the foot back to the heel and does the work to lift the arch. All arch supports have some sort of shell. The shell can be made of foam, cork, plastic and in the old days metal. Pedag and Tacco arch supports have always used a thin plastic shell to support the arch and the shape of their shells (at least historically) has been very similar.

The current arch support shell used by Pedag is incredibly similar to the Classic (old) Tacco arch support shell design.

Pedag Holiday Arch Supports currently available and almost identical to the Classic Tacco Nova arch supports
Pedag Holiday Arch Support
(current shell color is white not brown)

The current arch support shell used by Pedag is incredibly similar to the Classic (old) Tacco arch support shell design. In fact, one specific product, the Pedag Holiday arch support is almost indistinguishable from the Classic Tacco Nova design) and only differs from the Tacco Elastic in the fact that it does have a small Metatarsal Bump at the ball of the foot. The Tacco Elastic has no metatarsal bump.

Tacco Nova Arch Supports Classic design (discontinued)
Classic Tacco Nova Arch Support

People familiar with the classic design of the Tacco Nova and Tacco Elastic arch supports have made a seamless transition to the Pedag Holiday arch support. There is speculation that until recently, Pedag and Tacco may have purchased their arch support shells from the same European manufacturer. This is just speculation but it would explain the considerable similarities.
Product Transition Guide & Links
Classic Tacco Nova
Pedag Holiday (seamless transition)
Pedag Holiday (near seamless transition)
Classic Tacco Deluxe
Pedag Viva (near seamless transition)

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