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Toe Comb

Toe Combs are soft foam pads that are designed to gently separate all five toes at one Time.
Toe combs can be used to help treat fungal infections such as athlete's foot, they help keep the area in between toes dry and they can be used to hold anti fungal medicines in place. Toe Combs can be hand washed and air dried. Toe combs also come in handy when manicuring or painting one's toenails. They hold toes apart just enough so that freshly painted nails won't stick together and creams and conditioners have a chance to absorb and dry.
Toe combs are not heavy duty toe spreaders and are not really designed to separate overlapping hammer toes or bunions. To spread overlapping toes or bunions you should select from one of our heavier duty toe spreaders such as the ones listed below.

Gel Toe Spreader
Gel Toe Separator
Latex Toe Spreader

These products are much more effective at spreading overlapping toes.

Toe Combs - 1 Size Fits All - $0.99 Each

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