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Birkenstock Blue Foot Bed
In Pink
Support Breast Cancer Awarness

Birkenstock has released their classic Blue footbed in the color Pink to support breast cancer awareness. This is a Limited Edition Product and is only available in sizes 36 through 42 but a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These “Pink” Birkenstock Blue arch supports have only been released in the Casual Style (011002) and not the heeled style (010002). Medium with is available for ordering on this web page or over the phone but wide and narrow are only available over the phone as some sizes are unavailable and quantities are limited. If you are interested in the “Pink” Birkenstock Blue Casual style in a narrow or wide width please call us toll free at 888 671 8027.

birkenstock blue "Pink" color caual style arch support footbeds one face up showing top and one on side showing bottom

These Pink Birkenstock Blue arch supports are made with the exact same shell as the standard Birkenstock blue arch supports. They feel and support the arch exactly the same. They will also fit into all the shoes that the regular Birkenstock Blue arch supports fit in. The only difference is the top cover. Instead of the Blue Silk that lines the top of the standard Birkenstock Blue arch supports; these “Pink” Birkenstock Blue arch supports have a genuine suede leather top cover (colored pink).
Like the standard Birkenstock Blue arch supports, Birkenstock’s “Pink” Birkenstock Blue arch supports are one of Birkenstock's most comfortable arch supports and one of their most popular arch support products. The reason for the “Pink” Birkenstock Blue popularity is its soft yet supportive construction as well as its ability to fit into a wide range of shoes including athletic, casual and even some dress shoes.“Pink” Birkenstock Blue arch supports are constructed from Birkocork™, Birkenstock's unique and durable blend of natural cork and rubber. The Birkocork is molded into a highly contoured arch support shell and covered with a super soft (almost fuzzy) suede leather cover.

birkenstock blue "pink" color casual style arch support footbed side view showing medial arch

“Pink” Birkenstock Blue arch supports are highly contoured and support the complete foot, including the medial, lateral and metatarsal arch. The deep heel cup increases the support level of the arch support by stabilizing the heel and reducing excess side to side heel motion Overall however, the Birkenstock Blue arch support's contours are not so high as to be intrusive or uncomfortable. They should not take too much "breaking in" and are ideal for people with low to medium height arches who want a lot of support from a non-plastic arch support.
These arch supports are designed for people with Medium to Low Arches
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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Do the “Pink” Birkenstock Blue Arch Supports Feel Like
The Classic Birkenstock Sandal?

While the contours of these Birkenstock arch supports visually match those of the sandal very closely and they basically hit the foot in all the same spots the fact that the arch support is designed to be softer and more flexible means that the arch does not feel quite as dramatic or as hard as the arch in the classic sandal. In fact the “Pink” Birkenstock Blue arch supports actually have a slightly springy feel to them that the sandals lack.

Birkenstock Blue "Pink" arch support footbeds are only available in the Casual Style Medium Width On This Page

Narrow & Wide widths are available but in limited quantities and not in all sizes. To order narrow or wide widths please call us toll free at 888 671 8027

If you are looking for the Birkenstock Blue “Heeled” model or if you would just prefer the standard blue colored Birkenstock Blue arch supports in the “Casual” model at a great low price - Click Here -

Birkenstock Blue "Pink" Arch Supports - $36.59

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To order Narrow or wide widths call us toll free at 888 671 8027

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