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Comfort Gel Arch
Cushion & Support

The Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch Support is a ¾ length all gel insert that cushions and supports the heel and arch. The Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch is ideal for people with sensitive feet that need arch support but can't tolerate wearing anything made from hard materials such as plastic. The Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch is also ideal for anyone that likes super thick, super soft gel in their shoes and never wants to feel their heel strike the ground again. If you spend a lot of time on your feet either standing or walking.
The contoured ¾ length design of the Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch cradles, cushions and supports the heel and arch. This is not an aggressive arch support but since the gel does fill in the area under the arch and since it raises the heel a little higher then the forefoot it does promote proper foot alignment which helps reduce over pronation and therefore does qualify it as an arch support. The Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch is not only good for people with foot problems or people with extra sensitive feet. Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet will enjoy the uniquely comfortable bounce of gel that these gel arch supports provide.
The Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch Support is made from Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) Gel and contains no natural rubber or latex. TPE gel is much more durable then silicone gel so these Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch Supports tend to last for a really long time and show little to no breakdown in cushioning and shock absorption. The edges of the gel arch support are tapered for comfort but the main body, the area under the heel and arch is over ¼ inch thick of pure gel. That's a lot of cushioning gel to be standing on, even for larger, heavier people. The red and blue areas on the bottom of the gel arch supports are actually a lower density gel area this is done to give increased cushioning to the heel and metatarsals areas and to give the arch support a softer bouncier feel.

Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch - $13.49
In an unusual decision Sof Sole has changed the available sizes on the Comfort Gel Arch from three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) to two sizes now called (Men’s and Women’s). The fact is though that the 2 remaining sizes of the Comfort Gel Arch Supports are still labeled Small and Medium and only the package labeling has been changed to Men’s and Women’s.
Women's 6 - 8.5
Women's 9 - 12 ~ Men's 8 - 10.5
We have listed recommended shoe size for this product, not based upon what the new packaging says but upon the previous shoe sizes that these sizes (Small and Medium) were recommended for. This means that if you are a woman’s 9 – 12 we recommend that you get the medium size Gel Comfort Arch even though the box says “Men’s”. If you are a men’s 11 and up we at Feet Relief don’t think that the size labeled Men’s will work for you as it as it is the same size Medium that used to be recommended for Men’s size 8 – 10. If you are a size 11 or up we have another Gel Arch Support that will fit you better and you can view it by Clicking Here. It is a little more expensive but it is made from Silicone Gel which is a higher quality gel than the TPR gel which these Sof Sole Comfort Gel Arch Supports are made from. Sof Sole said that they may bring the 3rd size back sometime next year if there is a demand for it. We have included Sof Sole’s toll free phone number incase you wish to express your interest in having them return the Large size to the line of Gel Comfort Arch Supports. 1 800 446 7587

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