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On ALL Full Length Superfeet Insoles
Green and Blue Superfeet Insoles / Arch Supports are Now Available In Children's Sizes

Superfeet insoles are unique foam arch supports that use a contoured Trocellen™ foam footbed reinforced with a patented plastic support bridge to cradle the heel and support the arch. Trocellen™ is a firm and resilient foam that isn't soft or spongy. It is designed to be light and shock absorbing yet firm and supportive. The plastic support bridge helps to accentuate the supportive contours of the Trocellen™ foam footbed. Superfeet insoles (arch supports) are light but surprisingly sturdy and supportive. Superfeet insoles add significant support and improve the fit and comfort of almost any pair of shoes.

Superfeet Arch Support Insoles
Superfeet Green Footbed
Green Superfeet Insoles (Arch Supports)
The thickest and beefiest of the line up Designed for shoes with removable insoles. Ideal in athletic and outdoor shoes
Superfeet Insoles $49.95
Superfeet Green Footbed
Superfeet Blue Footbed
Blue Superfeet Insoles (Arch Supports)
Versatile Insoles that works in almost any kind of footwear. Recommended for men's and women's casual shoes as well as soccer, football and baseball shoes.

Superfeet Insoles $49.95
Superfeet Blue Footbed
Superfeet Black Footbed

Superfeet Black Insoles (Arch Supports)
Ultra thin insoles designed for golf shoes, men's dress shoes and women's dress flats with heels under 1 inch.
Full Length (trim-to-fit) $49.95

Superfeet Black Footbed
superfeet orange footbed
Orange Superfeet Insoles (Arch Supports)
A modern Superfeet for modern times. More support than any other model as well as more cushioning for the ball of the foot. Designed exclusively for Men
Superfeet Insoles $54.95

superfeet orange footbed
Superfeet berry pair with side view
Berry Superfeet Insoles (Arch Supports)
A modern Superfeet for modern times. More support than any other model as well as more cushioning for the ball of the foot. Designed exclusively for Women
Superfeet Insoles $54.95
superfeet berry top view
Superfeet Copper DMP footbeds
Superfeet Copper DMP Arch Supports
This model provides the most cushioning of any Superfeet insole. It has the same plastic support bridge as the Black but adds a triple layer cushion top cover.
Superfeet Insoles $54.95
Superfeet Copper DMP footbeds

Superfeet Dress Fit Inserts for dress and casual shoes
Superfeet Easy Fit Dress Inserts
For Men's & Women's Dress Casual, and Walking Shoes Good for women's dress shoes with heels under 1½ inches
Super Low Price - $24.95
Superfeet Dress Fit for High Heels
Superfeet Easy Fit Dress Inserts For High Heels
One of the only Arch Supports designed specifically for women's high heel shoes with 1 ½ inch heels or higher
Super Low Price - $24.95

Superfeet grew out of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory in Washington, where, over 40 years ago, a new perspective on foot health was born. One of the world's premier podiatric orthotic laboratories, Northwest Lab has pioneered the development of prescription orthotics, including new technologies and materials. In turn, Superfeet has become the leading innovator and manufacturer of non-prescription insoles (AKA Footbeds and Arch Supports) for people of all walks of life.

When Superfeet
began in 1976 the company's focus was on developing the best custom footbeds possible for skiers. Since then, Superfeet has expanded their line to include a full range of Trim-to-Fit insoles for athletes and non-athletes alike. Superfeet holds 38 patents on their insoles; the result of their focus on designing footbeds that are shaped to promote the proper biomechanical function of the foot. Over 40 years of clinical research and testing have gone into creating Superfeet, one of the most orthopedically-sound footbeds available today.