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Tacco Foot care including arch supports and metatarsal supports
New 2015 Tacco Nova
Same Metatarsal Support
New Higher Arch

(Please stop and read this)
Tacco has changed the arch support shell that they use in the Tacco Nova. The new Tacco arch support shell design is considerably higher than the original shell that they have used for years. If you have been happy with Tacco arch supports in the past there is a good chance that the new shell design will not be as comfortable as the old design because the arch is higher. If you have not worn Tacco arch supports before, have a medium to high arch and are looking for an incredibly low volume arch support, the new Tacco Nova just might be the perfect arch support for you.

If you don't like the new Tacco Nova or are not interested in trying it and if we don't have your size in the
Classic Tacco Nova, we have a perfect substitute product from another German company called Pedag.
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Looking for the New 2015 Tacco Elastic (without metatarsal support) - Click Here -
Now introducing the New (Higher) - Tacco Nova
The new Tacco Nova design is a great arch support! Finally people with medium to high arches have an ultra thin arch support option that will fit into virtually any shoe including men’s and women’s dress shoes, casual shoes and sandals.

tacco Nova arch supports new 2015 higher arch design shown as pair one face up and one face down

Like the classic Tacco Nova arch supports, the new higher Tacco Nova arch supports are light weight arch supports with a metatarsal pad for added support at the ball of the foot. The Tacco Nova arch support is constructed from a thin, medium to high, semi rigid polypropylene plastic arch support shell that is covered with a genuine leather top cover. The new Tacco Nova still has the same metatarsal arch bump that it always had; just the medial (main) arch is higher. The new Tacco Nova arch supports provide effective support for the medial, lateral and metatarsal arch making it a truly complete arch support for people with medium to high arches.
tacco nova arch supports new 2015 higher arch design side view
The new Tacco shell design has a considerably higher shell design than the classic Tacco arch supports.
Additional Features  
Tacco Nova arch supports have one additional feature that makes them rather unique. There is a small donut hole centered in the heel of the plastic arch. This hole has a cushion plug that that is wider than the cut hole. The foam plug and the donut hole make the heel feel softer and more cushioned. Unfortunately, Tacco moved the adhesive dot from the heel to the forefoot and that doesn't work as well. Consequently you may want to pick up a few Velcro dots or use Velcro of you own to secure it in sandals and open heel shoes.
These arch supports are designed for people with
Medium to High arch height.
high arch, medium arch, low arch picture
To determine your own Natural Arch Height
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These Arch Supports Work Best in…
Tacco Nova arch supports can be used in and will fit into almost any shoe but because they are so thin they are particularly useful in dress and casual shoes. Nova Arch Supports also work well in sandals and open back shoes and will not significantly change the fit of any shoe.

the new 2015 tacco nova is also available in black
New 2015 Tacco Nova Arch Supports are also
Available In Black
Same low price, same great comfort but a dark color to match dark sandals
Please select the color you would like from the order menu below.

The New 2015 Tacco Nova - $16.95
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